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I'm Carley and I was born on Halloween.... (This may be why I have a constant battle with eating sugar?!) I was raised in Washington State and I love living in the PNW - currently Gig Harbor! I have a sweet husband named Daniel that bought me my first mac laptop when we were still just boyfriend & girlfriend - that purchase allowed me to start a "for real" photography business and without it, I wouldn't be where I am today... We've been married for almost 4 years now! I'm so thankful for him because he puts up with my crazy schedule & cooks me the most gourmet food ALL THE TIME (Do you need a caterer? He's Spanish and his paella is seriously SO good!...). A few of my other loves are coffee, authenticity, pizza (especially deep dish from Giordano's!), trying new things, communication, red wine, and sour beer - the sourer, the better. ​I'm so glad you're here ​& reading this. Seriously! It means that we're getting closer to working together and I would LOVE it if we did!!​

I'm the photographer that realizes just how special it is that I GET to be there with you during your once-in-a-lifetime moments.  Once you decide you want me, I'm yours and will do everything in my power to make sure your time with me (wedding day or session) goes amazingly. ​I'm here for you. Pretty soon, you'll be thinking of me as your personal paparazzi bff! Haha. Sometimes that means I'm running to grab you a drink at your wedding reception; other times we're working on your timeline over dinner or texting about what to wear to your session... What ever you're doing to prepare, I want you to know that WE'RE in it together
& it will be epic...!
[Insert 3 big heart-eyed emojis here!]

I don't take myself too seriously, (Laffy Taffy jokes are my favorite!) but I'm super serious about giving you an amazing experience with photography. I use the words "love" and "excited!" way too much and it's definitely because I absolutely love my clients
& I love what I do. So, now I need to hear about you. What's your vision? Let's connect and create something beautiful. I can't wait!​​

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​"I just can't get over the fact that photographs allow us to see in to the past. They, quite literally, become our memories...  As a photographer, I get to give these memories to you forever - what a crazy, beautiful honor that is!"

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