How do you describe your style?
I'm a natural light photographer that lives for authetic moments and emotions. I'll definitely give you guidance (we'll communicate a ton - before and during your time in front of my camera!), but I don't really pose my clients... There will be laughs and seriousness, probably happy tears, and FUN, but this all comes from the moments we're in and what we're celebrating - YOU! :) 

But, what does lifestyle mean?
Lifestyle means I document your real life. For your wedding, think of me as a witness following you around with a camera the entire time... Does that sound creepy?! Haha. We will, of course, set aside time for "posed" portraits because you need those for mom and grandma.
If we're doing a fam session, be prepared to play with your kids and focus on togetherness and your bond. I want hugs and dad jokes, and kids being kids! I want your rolly-polly baby drooling everywhere because he's teething... I want your family to be you, however you are.

What is your pricing and will you work with our budget?
Weddings start at $2000 and portrait or lifestyle sessions start at $200.
I love to customize to fit my clients' needs, so we can definitely chat if there's something you want to tweak! 

Do you do elopements?
Yes. I have special pricing for those. Just ask. :)

Do you do engagement photos?
Yes and all of my wedding photography packages include an engagement session.​ I'll even help you figure out what to wear!

Will you help me with my wedding day timeline?
Um, yes - absolutely. Your timeline can be super easy, or super stressful, so I 'll walk ya through it to make sure we cover all the bases! I've been part of  so many weddings, I can't keep track, so I'm a great resource for you if you have questions! Along with that, I have a huge list of amazing vendors I can recommend if you need them.

Should we have a first look?
I feel like there's a lot of pressure to do a first look, but you don't have to. My advice is to think about how you want to spend your time on your wedding day. Having a first look means you might have to be ready a little earlier in the day and your partner will see you before your ceremony, but it also means your photos are DONE after your ceremony and you're free to spend time hanging with your guests, dancing, etc... Just some thoughts, but we can discuss in more detail. 

Is it okay if my aunt/mom's friend/dad's cousin brings their fancy camera and takes some photos during the wedding?
I STRONGLY suggest unplugged ceremonies so there aren't cell phones and other people's cameras in all your wedding photos... If you think about it, you're hiring a professional - do you really need other people taking photos during your wedding or do you want them to be present with you? There are nice ways to tell your people that you've got it covered. If you don't care about cell phones in your photos, feel free to ignore what I just said. :)

How long will it take to get my images back?
My turn-around time is between 6-8 weeks, but I ALWAYS text some sneak peeks to share and will probably post 1-2 on Instagram.

How do I book you?
I'm so glad you asked! Contact me here!